domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Oreama's role in USrael psychowars.

The electoral event that USAmerican voters believed to be an expression of their collective desires, needs and hopes brought the first afroamerican president to the White House.
The electoral campaign had to deal with an issue: USAmericans wanted change. This time the machine had to stage up something more than two white guys debating about how they'd do things that everybody knows they can't do without the approval of Big Biz.
So they delivered Oreama and made well sure the guy got all the way up to Prez.
Oh, sure, there was an election. USAmericans actually voted for the guy. And they voted for the other guy, too. It's always like that: almost 50/50, so this time the other guy was chosen to be safely beaten: a senile warmongering multimillionaire teamed by an unexperienced delusional fundamentalist (who could've been the first female Prez if the old man passed away) was no match for a broad, friendly smile in a dark skinned face talking about change and "Yes, we can!".
Change! What could be more interpreted as change than the first USAmerican black president!
Afroamericans might have thought: "This guy's one of us". He is not. His ancestors didn't come to America as slaves. He didn't have to fight his way up the ladder from South Central L.A. Those guys at AIPAC knew they got the right nigga: one that isn't a nigga at all.
And there we have Oreama. He's going to get the cameras over him, but, hey, you can't blame Irak's mess on him, so he's allowed to stay home addressing domestic stuff while the ex (ex?) First Lady travels around to visit USAmerica's friends to let them know who's (still) in charge. She runs the country; he smiles, talks, worries, shakes hands and the change is just and only the dark skin because BigBiz still takes care of business as usual.
Is Oreama waiting to be in a better position before starting to deliver "change"? He's already had plenty of good chances to do so, and he went the wrong way in each and all of them. What would've been better than the rescue package issue to prove which side he was in? Or a larger withdrawal of troops from Iraq? And now with the health issue, which shows BigPharma's power any way you look at it?
South of the RioGrande there were hopes, too. Updating and upgrading relations with Cuba to humane levels. Talking to presidents that had been ostracized by BigBiz. Addressing the issues that affect the latinos here and up there. Being friends among neighbours.
Nope. Oreama isn't up to that. He's just playing his role. Today more than ever we see the influence of Walter Lippmann and John Dewey on USAmerica's politics. BigBiz and the WarMachine had their script well prepared for latin-american presidents that went populist: ridiculize them while complotting with local wealthy friends. They're at it now, staging a show in Honduras as a bait and installing an additional seven military bases in Colombia.
But Oreama's role is the backstab at something that is growing dim in USAmerica: hope of change. Afroamericans, progressists, pacifists, true democrats, honest workers who went to vote expecting change will see Oreama doing nothing and they can't do a thing to make him change... and then, having lost the last remnants of hope, they'll go back to watch TV and forget the whole thing.
USAmerica's foreign relations still have the same guidelines; what changes is the script. Less use of muscle, more internal operations to invade media space and adequate funding of pro-USAmerican groups. Same objectives, different methods.
The new approach of the Pentagon is a clear indicator of what's coming. Michèle Flournoy, Pentagon's no. .2 in power, says that it should be acknoledged that future wars will come in different flavors. It's interesting to note that she's very well prepared in counter-insurgency, and this might appear semantic, but it does not specify that it is foreign counter-insurgency.
Who knows? Maybe some more USAmericans wake up and start to see things and ask questions, so better be ready. Meanwhile, the show goes on and on, following the script and helped with alkaloids from Colombia or Afghanistan.
It's the war of the future. It already started and we all play a role in it, because these wars are meant to occupy territory in our minds. Make us do what it'd take too much effort to a regular army: become mental slaves. And that includes you USAmericans: you're the enemy your government fears the most.
"Yes, we can", said the slogan. Indeed they can.
Franco Munini.